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My father was called the Prince of Merchants. But that title, which he'd inherited from his father, and his father before that, was a lie. We were just a good name that masked three generations of bad debts.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Archeron family is a mortal family who originally lived in a mortal village south of the Wall.


The Archerons were originally a very wealthy merchant family consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Archeron and their three daughters: Nesta, Elain and Feyre Archeron. They started incurring debts that were then passed down through the family for three generations.

Mr. Archeron was in the maritime trade and his wife only cared about what others thought of her family. She was very vain and loved to throw big parties. She believed that his daughters did not need education as they would marry rich men who would give them whatever they wanted. When she became ill and was on her deathbed, she made her youngest daughter promise that she would take care of her father and her sisters, a weight that she carried on her shoulders for the next eight years.

In an effort to finally pay off the debts, Feyre's father sent took a risk and amassed his family's wealth on three ships to sail to Bharat, a city on the Continent for spices and cloth by the fastest route, instead of taking the longer and safer way. The wealth was all lost when the ships caught in a storm and sank, leaving them in ruin.

As Mr. Archeron went into debt when his ship sank, creditors searched his house, took everything they had and brutally beat him in front of his youngest daughter, who saw his knee shattered, something from which he would never recover. They could no longer live in their old house or continue with their lifestyle, so Mr. Archeron bought a cottage in a poor village with the money that was left and the following three years they managed to survive on the remains of their fortune before their remaining money ran out.

Mr. Archeron did not leave the house to look for work and from time to time he would do some wood carvings, but the one who was really in charge of keeping the family fed was his youngest daughter Feyre. She felt a grudge against her father and her older sisters for letting her go into the woods alone to hunt and her sister, Nesta, despised her father for not looking for a job and getting them out of that situation. The only one who was nice to him was Elain.

Five years later, one day Feyre was hunting in a Forest near the Wall and killed a faerie called Andras and when the High Lord of the Spring Court, the territory where Andras lived, showed up at the cottage to make Feyre comply with the Treaty and whether he went with her to Prythian or die there, neither her parents nor her sisters did anything to stop him. Tamlin, the High Lord made them believe through a glamour that Feyre had gone to take care of a rich aunt who was about to die and magically made all three of the sunken ships reappear laden with wealth. This allowed the Archerons to purchase an estate on the outskirts of the village where the rich lived, pay for servants, and Mr. Archeron began traveling. Later Feyre learned that Nesta had gone to the wall and that she intended to go to Prythian to find her since she had not fallen under Tamlin's enchantment.

After Nesta and Elain were turned into High Fae, the Archeron family then moved to Prythian for their protection, and fought against Hybern. Mr. Archeron was later killed by the King of Hybern, and his daughters chose to remain in Prythian.

Family Tree[]

father †[1]
mother †[1]
father †[1]
Mr. Archeron
Mrs. Archeron
Mrs. Archeron's


  • Aunt Ripleigh is not an actual member of the family but made up by Tamlin to explain Feyre's absence.


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