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Her name was Andromache. And she was... so beautiful. And kind. And I loved her... so much


Andromache was a mortal queen who lived during the time of the War.


During the War, Morrigan traveled across the world and believed it was safe to take her first female lover. She fell in love with Andromache, a mortal queen, and they continued their romance until the War ended. Morrigan recognized that they would only have the queen's mortal lifespan to be together, and that the Queen would need to continue her royal line in the tumultuous years ahead. She left after the last battle and returned to the Night Court.

In the weeks following the end of the War, Andromache was involved with the creation of the Wall and the Treaty. Morrigan realized her mistake in leaving Andromache once the Wall was created, and could not cross it to be with her. During this time, Andromache married a man and had an infant daughter. For three years, Mor attempted to cross the wall, however, after learning that Andromache was married she stopped trying to reach her.

Andromache later bore four more children and died as an old woman in her bed. When Morrigan found out, she mourned her lover's death and decided to take no lovers for a while. Though this thinking later changed and Morrigan decided to take females and males to bed once again.[1]

When meeting the Mortal Queens, Morrigan senses the spirit of Andromache in the golden queen, otherwise known as Demetra.

Powers and Abilities[]

As one of the mortal queens, Andromache is able to winnow when she is with several of her fellow queens.


  • In Greek mythology, Andromache was the daughter of King Eetion of Thebe. She became the wife of the great Trojan hero Hector and bore him a son named Astyanax.


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