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He didn't try to dodge the arrow as it went clean through his wide yellow eye.

–Andras in his wolf form, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Andras was a High Fae from the Spring Court and one of Tamlin's sentinels. He was killed by the nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre Archeron.


Andras was a sentinel of the Spring Court of Prythian and a friend of the High Lord of the Court. When Prythian was under the mercy of Amarantha, who proclaimed herself High Queen of Prythian, she placed a spell on the entire Spring Court so that they could never remove the masks they had worn in a masquerade she had invited them to, and cursed Tamlin specifying that to break the curse, he would have to find a human girl who hated the Fae with all her heart, willing to kill one unprovoked and still could love him, giving him forty-nine years to do so. Tamlin sent his sentinels every day to the other side of the Wall that divided the world of the Fae and the mortals, all disguised as wolves but when they returned unharmed over the years, he lost all hope of removing the curse.[1]

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

A short time before the deadline of Amarantha's curse, less than a year, Tamlin uses his magic to shapeshift Andras into a wolf and sends him across the Wall and into the forest near Feyre's Village to try to break the curse.

After three days in the forest, he encounters nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre Archeron hunting for food to feed her family. While Feyre attempts to kill a deer, Andras watchs her. Once Feyre notices him, she suspects him of being a faerie because of his large size. Out of desperation to put food on the table and her hatred for faerie-kind, Feyre kills him with an arrow through his eye and then an ash wood arrow through his heart. Understanding that he has to be killed for a good cause, Andras stares at Feyre and does not attempt to flee from his death.

After killing him, Feyre skins Andras' wolf form and sells the pelt to a mercenary at her village.


In his wolf form, Andras had yellow fangs and eyes, with a silver- grey coat. He was larger than most regular wolves.[2] While his Fae form was not shown it can be assumed that he wore a mask because of the effects of Amarantha's curse on the Spring Court.


Andras was a loyal sentinel of the Spring Court and was willing to give his life to free his people from Amarantha. He was among the men who begged Tamlin to let them go over the Wall, showing that he was brave and desperate to save Prythian.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • High Fae Physiology: As a High Fae Andras possessed a variety of physical enhancements/alterations such as immortality, pointed ears, longer limbs, enhanced senses, and increased strength.



Andras was loyal to the High Lord of his Court and died so his High Lord would be freed from the curse that fell upon him.

Lucien Vanserra[]

Andras was a friend of Lucien, a courtier and official emissary of the Spring Court. After his death, Lucien was upset with Feyre asking her if she had enjoyed killing his friend.


  • The name Andras is a Welsh variant of Andreas.[3] In Welsh, the name means "Grace" while in Greek it means "man, warrior".[4]
  • Since Andras was skinned in his wolf form, a form provided for him by his High Lord's magic, it is unknown whether his High Fae form would have been affected had he been changed back.


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