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This Fae female lived where the kingdom of Prythian is today before it was known by that name.


In A Court of Wings and Ruin the Bone Carver tells a little of his story to Feyre Archeron and Cassian when they visited him in the Prison, where he lived.

He tells them that in the distant past, in the times before the "Cauldron and the Mother" and before the kingdom of Prythian was created, he had crossed the dimensions of another world (he says he "fell" into this world of his own free will, along with his twin sister, Stryga, and his older brother, Koschei.) The three siblings, who were immensely powerful by the world's standards, were taken as "gods" by the ancient Fae that lived in the world, and later worshiped by those Fae.

The Bone Carver said that of the three siblings, he was the weakest in magical strength and that as a result, he feared his two siblings. It was fear that drove him to hide from the rest of the world. He allowed himself to be locked up in the Prison by the same Fae woman who first tricked his sister into "diminishing her power and becoming confined to the Middle" and later "confined and bound" his brother, Koschei "by his little lake on the continent."

The Bone Carver referred to the Fae female with some affection, saying that no one remembered her name anymore, but he did, and that he would not forget it. He says "She would have been my salvation, had I not made my choice long before she walked this earth".[1]


  • Although her bloodline is long gone, a trace still runs through some human line according to the Bone Carver.


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