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I lived in palaces and cottages and in the mountains and on the beach, but I somehow like this apartment by the river the best.

Amren, A Court of Mist and Fury

Amren's Apartment is located in Velaris. The apartment is the top floor of a three-story building.


The entire apartment is one giant room with sloped ceilings, furniture, faded oak floors, and worn carpets. Instead of a kitchen, there is only a long table and a hearth warming the room. The hearth burns hot enough to make the room near-stifling.[1]

A massive window is located on both sides of the room. One of the windows looks out on the Sidra River, while the other on a tree-lined city square. Amren's bed is found next to the wall. It is a four-poster bed canopied in gossamer.

Her clothes hang on racks near her bed and her jewerly is scattered on armoires and tables. Amren has lived in many different places, including palaces and cottages, but she likes her apartment the best. [2]


Amren spends time at her apartment, rather than living in the House of Wind or any place ornate and extravagant like the rest of the Inner Circle.

Feyre visits her apartment several times as she tried to decipher the spell of the Book of Breathings. This spell would allow them to break the power of the Cauldron. During one of her visits, Feyre gives Amren lamb's blood, which she enjoys immensely. [2]


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