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This unnamed individual is Amren's father.


Amren confesses her story to the members of Rhysand's Inner Circle and tells them that she came from a world where they were not allowed to want anything, where they were only to be worshiped. She told Feyre Archeron that in that world there were also humans and she saw them love each other and want things and she also wanted that for herself.

Amren says that one day a gap appeared in the sky and that she passed through it and thus came to Prythian, to the Prison, and that in order to free herself she had to give up who she was, and bound herself with a body.

She did and the door to her cell opened and she was able to get out of it. It was then that she came to the Night Court.

She later confessed to Feyre that her father knew that she "wanted" what the mortals and fae had and that she thinks he was the one who opened that breach in heaven for her to come to this world, not as a punishment, but as a gift.[1]


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