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Amarantha's ring and necklace were the jewels that belonged to Amarantha, the self-proclaimed High Queen of Prythian. She always wore them. They were Jurian's eye and finger bone that Amarantha kept after she tortured and killed him. She used spells to trap Jurian's soul in both items. After Amarantha's death, the Attor retrieved the ring and necklace and gave them to the King of Hybern so he could bring Jurian back to life using the Cauldron and the items.


The Ring[]

It's a simple golden ring with a glass ball encased over it. Inside the ball is Jurian's brown eye that contains his soul. The eye sometimes swirls and moves inside its encasing.

The Necklace[]

The necklace consists of a simple golden chain from which hangs one of Jurian's finger bones.


When mortals still lived in Prythian and were enslaved by Fae there was a War to fight for independence. The Courts were divided, some supported independence, such as the Night Court, and others supported slavery, such as the Spring Court. The latter had the support of Hybern and his King.[1]

Jurian, a mortal who was a commander in the war front was in a relationship with a half-human, half-Fae female named Miryam, who after leaving him fell in love with a Fae prince called Drakon.[2] Hearing about this, Jurian sought revenge on the Fae by seducing an Hybern army commander named Clythia. After she, madly in love, told him everything about the Fae, he crucified her with ash wood, so that she would suffer, since he knew that this was a unique type of wood that could hurt the Fae, and even kill them.

After Clythia died, he left the pieces of her body where her sister Amarantha could find them. Once she did, she swore revenge on Jurian and when they faced each other at the end of the War she murdered him and ripped off his finger bone, with which she made a necklace, and one of his eyes, which she placed in a ring and magically deposited Jurian's soul in it. She always wore it from that moment on so Jurian would witness all the murders and vile acts that she committed.[1]

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

Amarantha was still wearing her ring when Feyre Archeron was taken by the Attor to Under the Mountain, and from time to time she saw the eye move. When Amarantha was finally killed by Tamlin, both the necklace and ring that contained Jurian's parts disappeared, as well as the Attor.[1]

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

The Attor had fled to Hybern seeking the protection of the King, who returned Jurian to his body to help him find The Book of Breathings and the legs of the Cauldron in order to restore power to this object and thus be able to tear down the Wall that separated the Fae realms from the Mortal Lands.[2]


  • Amarantha often talked to Jurian through her ring and toyed with the finger bone.