Amarantha's ring and necklace were the jewels that Amarantha always wore. They were Jurian's eye and finger bone that Amarantha kept after she tortured and killed him. She used spells to trap Jurian's soul in both items. After Amarantha's death, the Attor retrieved the ring and necklace and gave them to the King of Hybern so he could bring Jurian back to life using the Cauldron and the items.


The Ring

It's a simple golden ring with a glass ball encased over it. Inside the ball is Jurian's brown eye that contains his soul. The eye sometimes swirls and moves inside its encasing.

The Necklace

The necklace consists of a simple golden chain from which hang one of Jurian's finger bones.


  • Amarantha often talked to Jurian through her ring and toyed with the finger bone.
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