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This Masquerade Party is hosted by Amarantha in Under the Mountain forty-nine years before the events of A Court of Thorns and Roses.



Amarantha is a commander in the army of the King of Hybern, a kingdom of faeries located west of Prythian, during the War between faeries and mortals for the independence of the latter.

During the war, the King of Hybern supported the slavery of mortals, and therefore his general commander Amarantha also did, and one of his greatest allies in the oppression of mortals was the then High Lord of the Spring Court, Tamlin's father. The latter frequented Hybern to meet the King and took with him his youngest son, Tamlin, for whom Amarantha had fallen in love, but no matter how much she insisted, he did not fall for her game.

When both Tamlin, his father and his brothers murdered the wife and daughter of the then High Lord of the Night Court, the Rhysand's father for being a defender of mortals, they sought revenge and in turn murdered Tamlin's father, mother and brothers, leaving Tamlin alive as the new High Lord of the Spring Court. To avenge his ally, Amarantha killed the High Lord of the Night Court and allowed Rhysand to take his place, but instead made him his personal sex slave.


Years after the end of the war, Amarantha began to spend time in the courts of Prythian, and during that time, unknown to the High Lords, she was taking part of their powers, weakening them so that it was easier for her to overthrow them and occupy the power for herself. Counting on the powers of all the High Lords, she gave a party at her place of residence, called Under the Mountain, and invited all the inhabitants of the Prythian courts. At the height of the party, she tried to seduce Tamlin again, but in the face of his refusal, she decided to deliver the blow she had so long awaited and launched what is known as The Blight. She took prisoner all the High Lords and their courts in Under the Mountain, and most of their powers with the exception of the Spring Court, whom she allowed to return to their territory but for a period of forty-nine years, if at that time Tamlin could not find a mortal girl who harbored hatred towards the Fae in her heart, but still loved him, they would go with the others to Under the Mountain and Tamlin would be with her forever. At that same party she proclaimed herself High Queen of Prythian.

The inhabitants of the Spring Court who were allowed to return to their territory were magically prevented from removing the masks they wore at the party, so for forty-nine years they had to wear the masks on their faces.


  • Inadvertently by Amarantha, other faeries besides the citizens of the Spring Court managed to avoid her captivity; The residents of Court of Dreams were able to stay in the city of Velaris in the Night Court as their High Lord, Rhysand, had not revealed their existence to anyone.[1]


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