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My sister and her mate were murdered nigh on fifty years ago, leaving two younglings behind. Everything I do, everything I work for, is for those boys.

Alis to Feyre Archeron,A Court of Thorns and Roses

The nephews of Alis are two faerie children, more specifically Urisks, who were born in the Summer Court but after the death of their parents went to the Spring Court with their aunt.



Alis was born in the Summer Court of Prythian and had a sister, who married and soon had a child, something that is not very common in Fae. Everyone was shocked when just five years later, Alis's sister became pregnant again.

Fifty years before the events of A Court of Thorns and Roses, Alis's sister and her husband were killed, so Alis took her nephews and ran away with them. She was given shelter by the High Lord of the Spring Court, Tamlin, and with his help they sent the children to live far away so that nothing bad would happen to them.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

When Alis reproached Feyre Archeron for her behavior before the Puca, she tells her that she would have done the same if she had a family. Given this, Alis tells her that she has a family and explains the story of the murder of her sister and her brother-in-law and that she now takes care of her nephews, telling her that everything she does, everything she works for, is for them.

After Amarantha attacks the Spring Court and takes Tamlin and everyone in the Court to Under the Mountain, Alis manages to not being taken as well and when Feyre returnes to the manor she finds her looking for supplies for her trip, since she is going to look for her nephews.

As Alis escorts her to the entrance of a passageway that leads to Under the Mountain, Feyre tells her that when she finds her nephews to cross the Wall into the Mortal Lands and look for her sister Nesta Archeron, that she will know how to help her.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

After Amarantha's reign of terror ends, Alis returns to the Spring Court accompanied by her nephews.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After Feyre returns to the Spring Court from the Night Court pretending that she has been under a Rhysand spell the entire time, Alis knows she is faking it and asks her that no matter what she is going to do to get revenge on Tamlin to not do anything to her nephews. The day Feyre plans to return to the Night Court, Alis and her nephews also leave the Spring Court to live in the Summer Court.

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