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Alis (pronounced: Alice[1]) is a faerie of the Spring Court who is originally from the Summer Court. She was Feyre Archeron's maid during her stay in the Spring Court.



Alis was born in the Summer Court. Fifty years before the main series, Alis lived in the Summer Court where her sister also lived with her mate and two children. One day when Amarantha came to Prythian the Summer Court rebelled against her rule her sister and her mate were killed and she had to take care of her nephews, sending them away so they would not be in danger. She sought refuge in the Spring Court, where the High Lord, Tamlin, offered her a job as a maid in his manor. Days after her arrival, the entire Court was invited to a masquerade Under the Mountain by Amarantha as a peace offering for attacking Lucien Vanserra by gouging out one of his eyes and scarring his face. She claimed that the reason it was a masquerade was so that Lucien could hide his face.

The entire Court went, including Alis in a bird mask, but during the feast, Amarantha cursed the Spring Court at Tamlin's refusal to be her lover. She cursed them to wear their masks forever and then when Tamlin told her that even her sister had not loved her she cursed him saying that she gave him seven times of seven years each to find a human who hated the Fae with all her heart yet could still love him and thus break his curse.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

When Feyre killed Andras and Tamlin brought her to his home, Alis was tasked with taking care of her. It was Alis who helped her bathe, dress, and groom her hair, and escorted her to the dining room every night to have dinner with Tamlin and Lucien.

After Rhysand discovered Feyre in the house and Tamlin decided that it was not safe for her to be there, the entire Court was taken to Under the Mountain by Amarantha's subjects, but Alis was able to escape in time and when Feyre returned to the house she found her filling a bag with whatever food she could salvage from the kitchen. She was on her way to find her nephews to run away but before doing so she told Feyre the true story about the curse that enveloped Prythian and how she could have broken it. When Feyre decides to go to Under the Moutain, Alis warns her against it, that Feyre is just human. Alis eventually gives in and accompanies Feyre to the entrance of the tunnel that led to Under the Mountain. Before Alis leaves Feyre, she gives Feyre rules. One) to not drink the wine, two) to not make a deal with anyone no matter what, and three) to not trust anyone.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Alis returns to working at the Spring Court after Amarantha was defeated and was once again under the orders of Tamlin. She returned to her job as Feyre's servant and insists on doing everything for Feyre in order to pay her back for breaking the curse and setting them all free.

Seeing her physical and emotional deterioration, when Feyre is rescued from the Spring Court by Morrigan who arrived to take her to the Night Court and to Rhysand. While Mor picks up Feyre, Alis asks Mor to take care of Feyre. She conceals the true nature of Feyre's rescue from Tamlin.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Alis is once again in charge of helping Feyre in her daily life in the Spring Court. When they were seeing what dress she should wear to the Summer Solstice Alis sees through Feyre's facade. She told her that she was present when the Morrigan came looking for her at the mansion and that she had asked her to take care of her. When Feyre tried to continue playing the card that Rhysand had kidnapped her, she told her that a cousin of hers worked in the Adriata Palace in the Summer Court and that he told her that he had seen her during her visit, in which she was healthy, smiling and happy. She asked her that whatever she was planning to do to leave her nephews out of it.

The day before Feyre left to see the Wall on a new expedition, Alis told her that she too would leave for the Summer Court alongside her two nephews. Feyre told her never to tell Tarquin that they were friends as there was a blood ruby ​​with her name and that she was an enemy of the Court so Alis told her that regardless of the blood rubies she would always have a friend in the Summer Court. Feyre told her that she would always have a friend at her Court, referring to the Night Court, as a farewell.


Being an urisk, she was taller than the average human and had features that differentiated her from humans such as her slightly pointed ears, just like High Fae. When Feyre first saw her she said she was a plump, brown-haired Fae and after Tamlin allowed her to see with the clear vision of the Fae, she realized that Alis had tree-bark like skin, something she hadn't noticed before. Later Alis told Feyre that she was a urisk, a subspecies of the Fae.


Alis was a cold and distant person at first, especially with Feyre for having killed Andras. Although later she told her that Andras already knew what he was getting into when he went to the other side of the Wall and as time went by she became more affectionate towards Feyre treating her like a daughter letting her warm motherly personality show.



Alis serves in Tamlin's manor during the duration of A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury. Near the beginning of A Court of Wings and Ruin she and her nephews return to the Summer Court to avoid the catastrophic war with Hybern.

Feyre Archeron[]

Alis has always been kind and caring toward Feyre, although she is suspicious of her at the start of A Court of Thorns and Roses. When Feyre first arrives in the Spring Court, Ails warns her to "keep her mouth shut and her ears open." She also tells her to keep her wits about her. Her third piece of advice to Feyre is that Lucien "could do with someone snapping at him if you're got the courage for it." She helped Feyre escape the manor when Tamlin locked her in and didn't believe Feyre lied about her time in the Night Court. In the end, Feyre helped Alis and her nephews flee the Spring Court to go to the Summer Court.


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