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The Adriata Palace is located in Adriata, one of the cities of the Summer Court.


The tan stone palace is standing on a landing platform, the building itself perched atop a mountain-island in the heart of a half-moon bay, the city spreading around and below it. A pair of sea glass doors open into the palace itself. Crafted of shell-flecked walkways and walls, it has countless windows looking out to the bay and mainland or the open sea beyond. Sea glass chandeliers sway on the warm breeze over gurgling streams and fountains of fresh water. The palace has a vaulted dining room of white oak and green glass, furnished with a mother-of-pearl table and wide windows overlooking the mouth of the bay and the sea that stretched on forever, its waters so vibrant. Green and cobalt and midnight (Tarquin's favorite view in the palace).

When Feyre Archeron, Rhysand and Amren visited they were given a suite of connecting rooms, all centered on a large, lavish lounge that was open to the sea and city below. Feyre's bedroom was appointed in seafoam and softest blue with pops of gold—like the gilded clamshell atop my pale wood dresser, it also has a bathroom with a large bathtub. Feyre's door that gives into Rhys's room has a sea-urchin handle.


After the events of Under the Mountain, the High Lord of the Summer Court, Tarquin, returned to his territory and tried to rebuild the cities that were destroyed by Amarantha and her followers. Although the palace was almost completely rebuilt, Tarquin admits to Feyre that the entire back was still destroyed. She visits Adriata with Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court, and Amren, his second-in-command.

They are there to steal half of the Book of Breathings that is in the Summer Court's possession, which Feyre traces to a temple that is submerged in the waters of the sea most of the day, it could only be accessed at night.

Also living in the palace are Varian and his sister Cresseida, who are princes of Adriata, as well as courtiers. Tarquin spends about three months of the year there. He shows Feyre numerous rooms with treasures that the Spring Court has kept for years and the doors can only be opened with the palm of Tarquin's hand, or the High Lord who is in power at the time. As he passed on some of his power to Feyre when she was remade after dying in Under the Mountain, she was also able to open doors.

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