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Rhys would winnow us directly into Adriata, the castle-city of the Summer Court

A Court of Mist and Fury

Adriata is one of the four main cities of the Summer Court and its capital, which Rhysand, Amren and Feyre visit, so they can gain one half of the Book of Breathings.

Varian is the prince of Adriata, while his sister, Cresseida, is the princess.

Amarantha destroyed part of the city during her time in power.


Adriata is surrounded by a turquoise sea kissed by the sun and possesses a dry, suffocating heat, even with the cooling breeze off the water. The city is spread around and below the palace, toward that sparkling sea—the buildings with red roofs and all from the same tan stone of the palace, or glimmering white material like coral or pearl. Gulls flap over the many turrets and spires, no clouds above them, nothing on the breeze with them but salty air and the clatter of the city below. Various bridges connect the bustling island to the larger landmass that circle it on three sides, some of them capable of raising themselves so ships can cruise through. The harbor is so full of ships that it's impossible to count them—some merchant vessels, some fishing ones, and some, it seemed, ferrying people from the island-city to the mainland, whose sloping shores are crammed full of more buildings and more people.

The Palace[]

The tan stone palace is standing on a landing platform, the building itself perched atop a mountain-island in the heart of a half-moon bay, he city spreading around and below it. A pair of sea glass doors open into the palace itself. Crafted of shell-flecked walkways and walls, it has countless windows looking out to the bay and mainland or the open sea beyond. Sea glass chandeliers sway on the warm breeze over gurgling streams and fountains of fresh water. The palace has a vaulted dining room of white oak and green glass, furnished with a mother-of-pearl table and wide windows overlooking the mouth of the bay and the sea that stretched on forever, its waters so vibrant. Green and cobalt and midnight (Tarquin's favorite view in the palace).

When Feyre, Rhysand and Amren visited they were given a suite of connecting rooms, all centered on a large, lavish lounge that was open to the sea and city below. Feyre's bedroom was appointed in seafoam and softest blue with pops of gold—like the gilded clamshell atop my pale wood dresser, it also has a bathroom with a large bathtub. Feyre's door that gives into Rhys's room has a sea-urchin handle.

Tarquin's Pleasure Barge[]

Tarquin posses a the pleasure barge, often stationed in the Adriata's bay, where the members of the Night Court were invited to dine on the first evening of their staying. The barge hardly rocked throughout the hours they dined and drank aboard it. Crafted of richest wood and gold, the enormous boat was amply sized for the hundred or so High Fae. The main deck is full of low tables and couches for eating and relaxing, and on the upper level, beneath a canopy of tiles set with mother-of-pearl, a long table is set. A sweeping staircase leads down onto the stern of the ship—brightly lit, but quieter than the main areas at the prow.

The boat is propelled by magic with no oars or sails.


  • There are four main cities in the Summer Court; Adriata the most important of them and its capital. The High Lord and his courtiers spend the last month of winter and first spring months here for it’s finest at this time of year.
  • High Fae, both servants and courtiers, live in the palace of Adriata, most brown-skinned and clad in loose, light clothing. The rules of the Adriata's palace says that the lesser faeries are neither to be seen nor heard as they work.

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