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Optional quote about the character, must be relevant.

–Character who speaks the quote, Link to book

Full name of the character in bold with a short summary or introduction of the character.

Take note of the following:

You might include where they are from in the summary (e.g. Night Court, Hybern) or you might include their occupation/role (e.g. High Lord, Sentinel), or their species (e.g. High Fae, Mortal). You could also sum the events of what has happened to them in the novels. This summary should be small, but extend to two paragraphs or even three if needed.


Early life[]

Optional - Overview of their early life here - what happened during their youth or prior to the series. While you write, make sure to use an in-universe point of view. (i.e. the events in the novels actually happened). Avoid saying, 'It is revealed in A Court of Mist and Fury that' or 'At the end of ACOTAR this happened'. Instead just state the facts.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

Overview of what happened to the character during this book. If the character did not appear in this book, then remove this heading.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Overview of what happened to the character in ACOMAF

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

So on...


What does the character look like? Explain here. What is their eye color, hair color, are they tall/short...


Overview of the character's personality and/or traits.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Put powers in bold: Then put a small explanation.
  • Winnowing: This character can winnow long distances and short.
  • Memory Manipulation: He can change people's memories at will, as well as manipulating them to ignore the memory


  • Put ability in bold: Then put a small explanation.
  • Leadership: Amren is the second-in-command of the Night Court. She protected Velaris, during the battle against Hybern, while Rhysand and Feyre were absent from the Court.


Feyre Archeron[]

List the characters names as headings.

Overview of the character's relatonship with this character.


Main article: Category:Images of Rhysand


Any tidbits or information that does not fit into any of the other sections here. Some examples include:

  • Small and noteworthy details that do not fit into any of the above sections.
  • An obscure and not well-known point or something not everyone would know from casually reading the books may be considered trivia.
  • E.g. - Feyre's hates the colour red.
  • So on.
  • Notes about the character outside of the series.
  • E.g. Sarah J. Maas would sort this character to HOUSE if they went to Hogwarts.
  • This character is based on the Beast from The Beauty and the Beast.
  • So on...
  • Information pertaining to who the character is named for, or why, and whether the name has any significance in in-universe or out-of-universe languages/history.


Throughout the entire article, make sure to add references from where the information came from.

Cite information from official sources (the books), official social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram, interviews, websites, etc.

To cite use the following code: <ref>Book title here: Chapter</ref> Avoid using page numbers in citations, different editions of the book may have different page numbers so use chapters!

Include {{Reflist}} below this heading, and use the ref tag while you write the article.

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