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Image Policy

The image policy of the A Court of Thorns and Roses Wiki is a set of guidelines explaining the proper uploading, use, and deletion of images.


  • Inappropriate Images: No pornography, NC-17 images or explicit violent images are allowed on the wiki.
    • Any images that involve kissing, partial lack of clothes, cuddling, etc are allowed on the wiki. However, any images that involve genitalia will be removed and is subject to a block.
    • It should also be remembered that people from the age of 13 can join Wikia (Fandom) and therefore the images should be suitable for this age group.
  • Own Images: If you want to upload a non-ACOTAR related image to your userpage, you can. However, these images must not be added to article pages.
    • Remember this is not an image hosting site. Only upload images if they are going to be used on userpages or articles.

Images on Articles

The following two types of images can be added to article pages:

  • Official and semi-official images: This includes: book covers, promotional and marketing images, artwork from the A Court of Thorns and Roses Coloring Book and any artwork displayed in special editions of the book.
  • Fanart: Images created by fans based on the ACOTAR series.

What is official?

  • The official artwork of the ACOTAR series can be found in the A Court of Thorns and Roses Coloring Book. These images take priority on the site—meaning they should not be removed from articles or replaced with fanart.
    • The artwork in the Coloring Book was produced by Charlie Bowater, Yvonne Gilbert, Craig Phillips and John Howe. Artwork from these artists take priority on the site and should be used in pages and infoboxes whenever possible. Sarah J. Maas personally worked with the artists in designing the artwork, and thus the pieces are considered official.
      • However, Charlie Bowater did originally design fanart for the series before working as an official artist for the coloring book. Her fanart, however, does largely resemble her pieces in the coloring book and thus will also take priority within articles.
  • Coralie Jubénot's artwork is considered semi-official. Her artwork will be featured in special editions of A Court of Wings and Ruin and therefore will also take priority on articles and infoboxes.
  • Simply put: Infoboxes on articles should contain artwork from Charlie Bowater, Yvonne Gilbert, Craig Phillips, John Howe or Coralie Jubénot. If no suitable artwork from these artists exist, then and only then should a fanart be used instead.

Other rules/notes

  • No user-found images: Please do not add images that you have found on the internet from non-ACOTAR based sources, as you believe that they look like these characters. These images aren't connected with the source/canonical information of the series and are only your interpretation.
    • Though fanart is based on the artist's own interpretations, they closely resemble the character more than a user-found image would. Most fanart have been designed with the correct eye color/hair color and thus is more appropriate than a user-found image.
  • No Pinterest images: After the release of A Court of Thorns and Roses, this wiki did accept images from Sarah J. Maas' pinterest. However, this wiki no longer allows pinterest images to be uploaded to articles. Many of the images from pinterest belong to different artists and are in no way affiliated with the series.
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