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Image Policy

This policy details the rules that users should follow when contributing to articles.


  • Vandalism: this is defined as any bad-faith edit made with the intent to lower the quality of the wiki or disrupt the functioning of the community. Vandalism, including any of the examples below is considered unacceptable.
    • Adding profanity to articles is also considered vandalism and will be treated as such.
  • Spam: Posting irrelevant spam links in articles, or creating articles which are entirely spam is grounds for a block. Examples of this includes, posting irrelevant links throughout articles or adding a number of irrelevant images to pages.
  • Move Vandalism: Please do not change an article name to something nonsensical or an inappropriate title. An example of this is moving "Rhysand" to "Pizza is great!"
  • Inappropriate account naming: This includes creating/changing an account name to something inappropriate, or to impersonate/insult another user.
  • Blanking articles: Users who remove all the content of a page without a reason will be warned and asked why this occurred. If you disagree with an article's creation, or you want a page to be deleted, add the {{Delete}} template to the page.
  • Abuse of file upload function: The uploading of inappropriate images or videos, as well as the excessive uploading of files onto the wiki database, especially those that do not conform with the existing image policy, is grounds for blocking.
  • Fanon content: Creating articles with fanon content is not accepted at the wiki. For instance, a page on your fanfiction or on a made-up character is not accepted, even if it is ACOTAR related.
  • Posting personal information: Adding personal information such as your home address or phone number on articles or your userpage is forbidden.
  • Copyright violations: Users who continually post copyrighted material despite being warned will be blocked so as to prevent further violations.
  • Misinformation: Blatant insertion of false information into mainspace articles. Likewise, putting nonsense or gibberish into pages can also result in a block.
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